Soft Liners

What is a soft liner?

Picture of a Denture Soft Liners

soft liner is a soft pliable material layer that is fits between the surface of a denture and the oral tissues. Soft liner absorbs and softens the shock between the hard base of the denture and your gums. Soft liners are used both during new dentures or retrofitting existing dentures.

Why Soft Dental Liner?

Permanent soft denture liners provide relief and comfort for denture patients with flattened or receded gum tissues that do not respond well to the stress of dentures. Soft liners may also be a solution suitable for patients with gums with sharp bony areas or gum tissues that are chronically sore.

Why Soft Liners

  • More comfortable to use
  • Virtually all patients respond well to soft liner materials
  • Easier chewing
  • A proven technology with over 20 years of innovation

Soft Denture Liners FAQ

Advantages of Soft Liners

Clinical evidence suggests that the majority of denture wearers will tolerate soft liner materials. Many denture patients report that they can top chew food more comfortably with soft denture liners.

How long does soft Relines last?

With proper care and application, soft liners last a minimum of three months. If soft denture liners adhere properly, fitting properly, feel comfortable, and are maintained free of bacteria, the liner can stay in the denture even longer.

How do you take care of dentures with a soft liner?

The soft liner should be rinsed under running water after every meal and cleaned once a day using denture cleanser and an “extra soft” bristle toothbrush.

Can you soak dentures with a soft liner?

Do not soak your denture in a denture cleanser solution. If the denture is removed from the mouth, store it in a container with plain water and should be a denture cleanser.

Soft liners require regular follow-up for exams and reapplications of the vinyl sealer, which can prolong the life of your soft liner.

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